Splicing Wires

To splice wires, slide about 1 1/2" shrink tubing (if used) down to the end of the longer wire. Strip about 1/2"-3/4" of the insulation from both wires. Twist the ends so they aren't frayed. Match the end of one exposed wire to the end of the insulation on the other. Twist these wires together so there are no frayed ends, and apply the solder. An ideal connection can be pulled on mercilessly, and no movement will be noticeable. After the connection cools, slide the shrink tubing back down over the solder joint, and gently heat it with a lighter, match, heat gun, or hair dryer to shrink the tubing over the solder joint. No exposed connection should be visible. If any connection is visible or if shrink tubing is not available, wrap the connection tightly with electrical tape.

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