Monday, 07/28/03

Through the swamps. I was planning to leave as early as possible today, being ready for a break. But I discovered a nail in one of my tires, (must have been the 8th or so in the last few years), so I scrambled to get it fixed. My first idea was to pass by R-Speed, but they did not have the tires in stock. So I surfed the net to see what Discount Tire had in stock that was considered OK by miata owners, and ended up with Yokohama AVS ES 100 tires. With various other unavoidable tasks, including getting enough booze in the small Miata trunk, it was actually past 6 pm when I left town.

The good thing is that I did make a good amount of progress anyway, since I could not find any lodging anywhere on the road from Tallahassee to Savanah. It must be that not much people plan vacations to the swamps. I finally found lodging in Jesup, much further than I planned to go.

This worked out pretty well so far anyway, because there is a Subway next door for the tuna sub I was wishing for, and also a Wal-Mart to maybe find a serial to USB adaptor. I left my portable's serial port connector at home, (rushing to get out of town before midnight and having the brains of a cockroach), and I am NOT going back.