Monday, 08/04/03

I went through New Jersey and into New York today. I went through Atlantic City past some of Donald Trump's casinos, but unlike Las Vegas, I had no intention to stay overnight. My sources say that Atlantic City is dangerous at night, and the good restaurants and most lodging are in the casinos anyway. In short, check in a casino and stay in. Thanks but no thanks. What a difference from Las Vegas, where wandering the kitschy, lively city at night was all the fun.

From Atlantic City, I drove mostly through forests up past the Delaware Water Gap and into New York. Mostly through forests, and mostly through rain. It was a day of contrasts: initially sunny and very hot, then on and off rain and cool or sunshine and hot, and finally continuous rain and quite cold. I finally even ran my heater for some time. I did not take much pictures as a result. I stopped at the Ramada Limited in Monticello. A lot of practicing jews apparently going to an evening mass or so, all dressed up. The Ramada has a sign that they will turn off all electrical appliences for those practicing strictly.

Pictures (click for larger size):