Tuesday, 08/05/03

I drove north from Monticello, taking among others county road 47 (AKA 19 and 147?), which was very nice most of the way, but had a few unpaved pieces that turned the car into an absolute mess. From its end, I drove to US 30 and followed that scenic road. I got caught top down in a downpour, optimistically thinking I could probably outdrive it. Of course, as soon as the downpour started, US 30 hit a city and a red light. Fortunately, because of the dark skies, I had not put on the boot or windstop, so I could raise the top fast standing before the light.

I followed US 30 to Indian River, where I washed the car. Having already spend over half of my allocated vacation time, I decided to give up on the idea of revisiting Quebec City, and veered around to Utica under again very heavy rain. I stopped at the Best Western.

Pictures (click for larger size):