Thursday, 08/07/03

I was thinking of going farther west to escape the rains, but the weather maps showed that the boundary was too far. Also, despite having driven the Blueridge Parkway and Skyline Drive twice, I have never had a look at Harper's Ferry. So that is where I headed.

Rain for most of the day, and heavy cloud cover made everything look drab, despite me taking some very scenic roads, including US 6. At some time I was on a mountain road called William Street or so, mistaken it for Scenic US 40, which would have been great fun in the sun, but I was there in a very heavy downpour. So heavy in fact that despite the fairly fresh Rain-X on my windshield, visibility was occasionally nil. I guess the water collects while going down the hill. I just kept going at a low speed, hoping that I would not stall in any flooded areas, or be washed down the slope.

Pictures (click for larger size):