Saturday, 08/09/03

Rain the entire day. I started out visiting the University of Virginia campus, which is indeed very nice. Then I went to have a look at Monticello, the house of Thomas Jefferson. When I got there, it proved to have a truly enormous parking lot, which was full, with people driving around looking for a space. Then there was an hour wait for a tour of the house. I guess the rain is driving everybody to search for this sort of indoor exercises. I any case, I did not wait, but headed for home over the scenic routes.

I got caught top down in heavy rain on a curvy mountain pass; fortunately I had not yet got up with the very slow group of motor cycles, so I could keep out the worst. I did find some almost dry very curvy mountain roads later, for some fun. I stopped at the Super 8 Motel in Princeton. WV, that is.

Pictures (click for larger size):