Wednesday, 05/26/04

I have fully succeeded in fleeing the heat; in fact, I was getting cold some of the day, taking out my coat.

What is keeping out the warmth of the sun are unfortunately clouds: I drove today through endless rain, some of it very heavy. In fact, there was a thunderstorm at noon right on top of me. I was glad I applied a fresh coating of Rain-X to the windshield before leaving.

So my track was mostly determined by where I thought I might get out of the rain. This more or less worked; based on the weather predictions I saw before leaving and the least dark skies I saw, I kept a northwestern heading. I did manage to drive some of the day through temporarily dry areas. Even a few blue patches of sky.

Still, it is good to be able to drive top down in cool weather.

Took a room at the Confort Inn in Mt. Vernon. Good looking receptionists and a Applebee's next door. No driving means Irish coffee.

Pictures (click for larger size):