Thursday, 06/03/04

I drove 89 along the continental divide. Then, remembering the Going to the Sun Road as an endless affair of stop and go traffic, this time I bypassed it using US 2. While very scenic, US 2 is not as dramatic as the Going to the Sun Road. It goes past the snow topped highest peaks of Glacier National Park, but not through them. However, on US 2 I had the scenery largely to myself, which makes all the difference to me.

Based on the weather charts for the coming days, the idea is to follow The Great Northern, US 2, back east. I only did the Washington part before. Now I'll be able to try the empty plains. Unfortunately, I need to be back in Tallahassee in 5 driving days: I will not be able to follow it all the way to Ottawa for the good food and beer.

Pictures (click for larger size):