Sunday, 02/03/02

Six Miatas (Brian, Roger, Doug, Kim, Larry, and Leon) left from the Buckhead for a scenic winter drive over canopy roads. Despite dire predictions of heavy cloud cover, it was actually quite sunny and very nice. Kim thought we got lost a few times, once even with Leon leading, but comparing the planned route with the GPS track below, we were right on.

Planned drive:

GPS track:

After the drive we had a superbowl party at Brian's house with lots of good food, including assorted flavors of Samual Adams beer. Irene, Becky and Jonathan, and Paul and Susan (back from the Autocross) also showed up. In the Superbowl game, the Patriots reached a 17 to 10 lead in the fourth quarter, after which the Rams managed to get even. But the Patriots still managed to win the game with a field goal in the final few seconds.

Pictures (click for larger size):

A couple of pictures taken by Kim:

See last year's page for pictures of the scenic route.