Saturday, 06/01/02

We went to the British Car and Bike Show at Nicholson Farm House But we first had had a look at the motor cycle show at the BMW motor cycle dealer on West Tennessee. Our own Jody was there, he had entered his 1973 Bultaco Pursang vintage motor cycle.

From the motor cycle show, four Miatas, (Roger, Larry, Jon, and Leon,) caravaned together over some scenic roads to Nicholson Farm House Restaurant near Havana. There we saw a multitude of beautifully restored British classics. We missed Stephen, who's Red we met going the other way when we were already driving away. But for the rest it was great fun. We caravaned on the way home for a bit with three Miatas, but then Leon decided to stay on the more scenic 12 and Meridian while Roger and Jon together diverted to the more efficient US 27.

Pictures, sorry for the poor quality, some camera problem, (click for larger size):