Saturday, 12/08/01

We taxied the Tallahassee Thunder Lightning Cheerleaders along the Tallahassee Christmas Parade. 10 Miatas showed up: Doug, Stephen, Jon, Brian, Larry, Roger, Leon, and three more from the SCCA: Tom Butler, John Nicholson, and Chris Yearwood. Rita-Ann and Sharon were the banner bearers.

All 10 Miatas were decorated with Christmas lights, with magnetic "Big Bend Miata Club" and "Tallahassee Thunder" signs, as well as with various other decorations. Bozo was also decorated with Wabbit teeth, as well as pupils on his winking headlights. Stephen and Brian's Miatas had been outfitted with suitable mechanical devices in case they ran out of gas.

Three cheers to Rita-Ann for thinking up such a great event and for Roger for organizing it.

Pictures (click for larger size):