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The Big Bend Miata Club is a nonprofit club for Miata enthusiasts in the general Tallahassee area. The club was started on May 25, 2000 by Roger Sockman. While our club covers all 323** zip codes, most are from Tallahassee.


Interests of our members vary from driving their Miatas to learning more about them to just talk to other Miata afficionados. In the picture to the right, we are taxying the Tallahassee Thunder Cheerleaders through the "Springtime Tallahassee Parade."


Our members make the club. Although we are small by big-metropolis standards, we have a diversified group of enthusiasts of all ages and each sex. Some prefer first generation Miatas, other the second. But we all share a common love for the car that recreated the sports car craze of the 60s using the reliability and engineering of the 90s.


Below are the unpaid volunteers who do the basic club work. See the membership list for more information about them and their Miatas, including their e-mail adresses.

Larry Ochalek
President and Legal Affairs.

Roger Sockman

Brian Flager

Leon Van Dommelen

Note that quite a number of other members also actively participate in running the club and organizing events. We could not have a club without everyone chipping in.

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