Final Connection

Before electrically connecting the black boxes, double check that the fuses are removed, and the dash switch is in the up position. Detach the new connectors from each other and to the corresponding black box connectors. With the fuses removed, cycle the headlight down and up with the manual knob (under the "turn clock-wise" cap) only in the clockwise direction. Check for any interference. Re-install the headlight bezel and check again. Install the cap over the manual knob, check that the dash switch is up, and re-install the fuses. A click should be heard from the actuator relay (near the air intake.)

Now check the system:

The actuators should operate normally for all the checks above.

Try the switch. If the operation is reversed, swap the wires on the 1 and 3 (outside) terminals of the switch.

Check that the wiper motor connector is reconnected, in case you disconnected it earlier.

Congratulations. Your car has just joined that elite group of winking Miatas!