A True Wink


You are standing at a traffic light. Across the road, you see a pretty girl in another Miata. Your Miata raises one headlight in friendly greeting. Watch the girl being surprised for a moment until she figures out one of your headlight motors must be on the blink.

Then your Miata raises its other headlight! Winking Miatas? Yes! You too can now have a Miata that winks at other Miatas!

Of course, if you happen to be a pretty girl yourself, you will want this mod to be able to respond in kind. Great fun for all!

It is not very difficult to do. The instructions have been thought out carefully, but please read the warnings before doing anything. All responsibility for doing this is yours.

Sketch of the procedure
Wiring diagrams
Required parts
Required tools
Preparing the Black Boxes
Installing the Black Boxes
Splicing in the Connectors
Installing the Switch
Final Connection
Key Instructions as Plain Text
Trouble Shooting

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