Required Tools

You will need the following tools:

Tool Remarks
Phillips and flat head screwdrivers  
Wire stripping and crimping tool A sharp hobby knife will do, but just to install the black boxes, you need to strip almost 50, half in the confined space of the engine bay. To save a lot of hassle, simply get a good stripping and crimping tool. If you do use a knife, at least be careful!
Wire cutters  
Needle nose and regular pliers  
Drill with 5/16" and 5/32" bits The drill bit size will depend on the switch you are installing
Fine sandpaper  
A sharp hobby or utility knife  

I also used a rotary (dremel type) tool for modifications to the case. A sharp knife should do OK though. A 12 volt tester or multimeter is very handy if any difficulties arise. So is a flashlight, especially when ducting the wires through the firewall. And scissors, of course.