Monday, 07/04/05 To Marietta

Off north, away from the heat. It starting raining as soon as I got started. So far for just-washed Bozo's shine. At the liquor store, I had to load the beer, wine, and sherry in the trunk in the rain. Then the rain stopped and it got very hot.

Stopped at my usual place at the Hampton in Marietta. An Applebee's is next door: I had a rack of baby back ribs and a couple of Samuel Adams beers.

I am working with a new PC, windows XP instead of 98, and I did not really finish setting everything up well before leaving. I clobbered the track log in my GPS somehow. Fortunately, I found an equivalent log Tallahassee-Marietta, It may not show my current preference for taking the Alt 3 bypass for the first part of GA 300, but who cares.

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