Trip To The Unknown

Another last minute trip. I could no longer avoid upgrading from Windows 98 SE to Windows XP before going on this trip, and that was as bad as I expected.

Monday, 07/04/05

To Marietta

Tuesday, 07/05/05

The Good Ol' Gap

Wednesday, 07/06/05

Going Where?

Thursday, 07/07/05

Driving Mountain Roads

Friday, 07/08/05

Driving Pensylvania

Saturday, 07/09/05

Some Pennsylvania and New York

Sunday, 07/10/05

Driving along Lake Ontario

Monday, 07/11/05

To Quebec

Tuesday, 07/12/05


Wednesday, 07/13/05

Following the Fleuve Saint Laurent

Thursday, 07/14/05

North to the Gravel

Friday, 07/15/05

More North Bank (Shore)

Saturday, 07/16/05

Much Progress Going Down

Sunday, 07/17/05

Driving the Maine Coast

Monday, 07/18/05

Wandering through Maine

Tuesday, 07/19/05

Through New Hampshire

Wednesday, 07/20/05

Scenic New England Roads

Thursday, 07/21/05

Catskills and US 6

Friday, 07/22/05

Back towards Florida

Saturday, 07/23/05

More Good Roads

Sunday, 07/24/05

South Carolina and Georgia