Saturday, 07/09/05 Some Pennsylvania and New York

A beautiful day today. I drove various scenic routes through Western Pennsylvania and New York. Often along rivers, but opportunities to stop and take a picture were few. I am glad I am not a professional photographer, or I would probably need an SUV instead of a Miata.

I noticed in the middle of the day that my GPS was again not keeping a track log. I now think the backup battery is probably finshed, so that it loses some of its settings when I swap batteries. I wish I had my owners manual; I do not remember it saying anything about swapping the backup battery. I lost the first part of my track. From now on, I will just have to remember checking the settings. In any case, the map shows just the later part of the day.

I had difficulty finding lodging at the end of the day. There was a several-day festival of some kind at my intended stopping point. I ended up driving quite a bit of Interstate before finding something. The fact that NY does not follow the charming custom of announcing available facilities before the exit did not help much. My psychic powers are a bit low at the moment. Why, yesterday I did not even know about the London transportation bombings until I saw it on TV!

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