Wednesday, 07/13/05 Following the Fleuve Saint Laurent

The Quebec Hilton had a beneficial 12 noon check out time, which allowed me to finish various problems with my new-format web pages. I managed to re-upload every day from scratch in a few hours, and fix one more problem. As far as I know, my new web page system is finally working correctly. Knock on wood.

I am now going north-east along the north bank of the Saint Laurent river. The lakes are incredibly deep blue.

I wish I remember more, say something,of my years of high school French. Communication is not always that easy. The receptionist of the Econolodge where I ended up made clear that there was no such thing as the ATM as I asked for in this town. This seemed somewhat strange for a small but significant town like Forestville, location of a major ferry to the other bank of the Saint Laurent. So I asked whether there was a bank in town and she said that there was one. However, returning to the reception to get some ice, I saw there was in fact an ATM in the lobby of the motel itself, about 20 feet from where the receptionist was standing. This ATM worked fine too.

I also found, looking around

The one thing left I am missing is a laundry. With one thing and the other, including a leak, I am nearly out of clean shirts. I wonder what 'laundry' is in French...

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