Tuesday, 07/19/05 Through New Hampshire

I took the Kancamagus highway through New Hampshire, and then followed the Connecticut. From there, I followed MA 122 to Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.

Taking pictures was hampered by the fact that the camera did not want to turn on. The first couple of times, a magic shake allowed it it turn on, but this stopped working. It was time for a new camera. I saw a Wal-Mart along the way and picked up a Canon A 510. I would rather have had another Minolta Dimage XT. My experience with two previous Canons is that the plastic battery and memory card doors suffer fatigue, after which the camera stops working completely. On the other hand, the bigger and heavier Canon is less likely to be in my shirt pocket where it can drop out. What happened to the cameras that lasted 10 years?

Shrewsbury is where my former graduate student, Dr. Shankar Subramaniam, lives. I found a Holiday Inn in a nearby city, after being told by two different people that the only motel in Shrewsbury is a seedy affair subject to drug busts. Shankar and I then visited an Indian restaurant in Worcester and talked about new times.

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