Sunday, 09/23/01

Baccarat Bonanza Driving Rally

This event was organized by Brian. It was a leisurely Sunday drive along a specified route with a modified Baccarat card game played along the way. Rules.

There was light rain through most of the trip, which only cleared a little at the very end. Stephen, Cheryl, Larry, Irene and their daughter, Brian, Dave and wife, Jon, and Leon showed up. Seven Miatas in all. So chances of winning were pretty good. A beautifully restored Morris Minor also showed up, by chance, but he had to pick up his daughter and could not come along.

On counting the cards, Leon scored 4 and Cheryl 7 and 1 (Cheryl played two hands). The runner-up was Steve with 8. We knew Steve had a lucky streak in him when he did a nice spin move on the wet pavement in front of the crowd as he pulled into the starting place. Actually he said the spin was to make up for the hydroplaning he did at the stop. sign before pulling into the parking lot. Yep, we saw those wheels lock up. Either way, he's $10 bucks richer.

The Winner was Dave with 9. Can't get any better than a score of 9 in Baccarat and Dave hit it right on the mark. I think winning this event made up for the Trivia Rally in which Dave seemed not too thrilled at the end. Dave received $20 - not bad for just drawing two cards. Dave's now planning a trip to Vegas to play the Baccarat tables.

Thanks to Larry and Jon for being checkpoint monitors. And of course to Brian for organzing this event and writing part of this report.

Hand-drawn map of Brian

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