Saturday, 09/29/01

We visited the DeFuniak Springs Wine & Shine (whine and shine?) with the Panhandle Miata Society (PMS). Six Big Bend Miatas, manned by Stephen, David, Tim, Jon, Roger, Leon, c.s., left on 8:30 am on Saturday from Sam's parking lot for what would turn out to be a gorgeous day. We arrived about 11 at the Chautauqua Vineyards and parked our cars on the hill. After that, good food, beer and wine, Miata talk, live music, vending stalls. What else is there?

The Panhandle Miata Society had organized a car show and Miata trivia quiz. They made sure everybody left with a prize. Leon tied with Jeff Anderson (from fame) for "most modifications", though it was clear he should have won. His K.G. Works visor lights have to be bought separately for each side and should have counted as two modifications. Anyway, the day was great fun.

Pictures (click for larger size):