1. The original factory wiring can be restored at any time without any tools. Simply de-energize the system, and then at each headlight, detach two connectors from the box with the modified wiring and connect them directly.
  2. Because of this, assembly can be performed on an "as time allows" basis.
  3. All currently existing circuits operate normally. In other words, if the headlights are on, they are up. If the dash switch is up, the headlights are up.
  4. The unit will automatically lower the headlights if you are not holding the switch. Move the switch to the right, the right headlight goes up. Move it to the left, the left headlight goes up.
  5. Bumps won't raise the headlights or cycle the actuator motors.
  6. The installation is neat. No loose wires, everything protected by the original fuses, nothing tangled.
  7. Minimal wiring.
  8. The parts are easily available. (From Radio Shack, Wal-Mart etc.)