To Alaska

This are pictures from my July/August Miata trip from Florida to Alaska over the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive, past the head waters of the mighty Mississippi, and through the Going-To-The-Sun Road. Bears with an attitude, oil changes by thick-armed mechanics, incredibly oily dirt, mosquitos, Irish coffee, and most of all incredible scenery. It took me years before I got around to organizing the 500+ pictures I took. I still have the original log file I made, with a few minor updates.

Thursday, 07/08/99

To Thomaston, GA

Friday, 07/09/99

Through Deal's Gap

Saturday, 07/10/99

Blue Ridge Parkway to Roanoka

Sunday, 07/11/99

Skyline Drive

Monday, 07/12/99


Tuesday, 07/13/99

Ohio river

Wednesday, 07/14/99

Through Ohio and Indiana

Thursday, 07/15/99

Some of the Great River Road

Friday, 07/16/99

Following the GRR Upstream

Saturday, 07/17/99

Lake Itasca

Sunday, 07/18/99

Following the Great Northern

Monday, 07/19/99

The Going-to-the-Sun road revisited

Tuesday, 07/20/99

Entering Canada

Wednesday, 07/21/99

To Prince George

Thursday, 07/22/99

Along the Yellowhead and Cassiar

Friday, 07/23/99

Following the Cassiar

Saturday, 07/24/99

Driving the Alaska Highway

Sunday, 07/25/99

Entering Alaska

Monday, 07/26/99

To Anchorage

Tuesday, 07/27/99

Seward Highway.

Wednesday, 07/28/99

Parks and Richardson Highways.

Thursday, 07/29/99

Richardson and Glen to Chistochina.

Friday, 07/30/99

Back on the Alaska Highway.

Saturday, 07/31/99

Down the Alaska Hwy

Sunday, 08/01/99

Down the Alaska

Monday, 08/02/99

To Peace River

Tuesday, 08/03/99

Through Alberta

Wednesday, 08/04/99

Back into the US

Thursday, 08/05/99

US 90

Friday, 08/06/99


Saturday, 08/07/99


Sunday, 08/08/99

Home, sweet home.