To Middle Canada

This are pictures from my July/August 2001 Miata trip from Florida to Middle Canada.

Sketch of the route and GPS tracks of the latter part of it (click to magnify:)

Pictures (click for more:)

Friday, 07/27/01

To Deal's Gap

Saturday, 07/28/01

Deal's Gap

Sunday, 07/29/01


Monday, 07/30/01

Through West Virginia.

Tuesday, 07/31/01

To Elmira

Wednesday, 08/01/01

Through Ithaca

Thursday, 08/02/01

Niagara Falls.

Friday, 08/03/01

McMichael Museum

Saturday, 08/04/01

35 and 60 to Ottawa

Sunday, 08/05/01


Monday, 08/06/01

To Sudbury

Tuesday, 08/07/01

Science North

Wednesday, 08/08/01

Agawa Canyon Tour

Thursday, 08/09/01

Along Lake Superior.

Friday, 08/10/01

To Duluth

Saturday, 08/11/01


Sunday, 08/12/01

Along the Missisippi.

Monday, 08/13/01

To Hannibal.

Tuesday, 08/14/01

More Missisippi and such.

Wednesday, 08/15/01

Natchez Trace and such.

Thursday, 08/16/01

Southern Tennessee and Alabama.