Following Route 66

This are pictures from my June/July 2002 Miata trip along Route 66. Even though I was almost never more than a few miles from the Interstates that took over from Route 66, the experience was incomparable to Interstate travel. Hot, narrow, two-lane roads through deserted deserts and abandoned small towns offered a much more leisurely, much more interesting experience.

Looking back, my overwhelming memory is of heat. It was hot enough to cause even me to raise the top on Bozo searching for shade. And it was especially frustrating that, day after day, weather maps showed the only nicely cool area in the nation to be exactly the northern Florida area I had sought to escape. When I finally turned south, to New Orleans, the hot weather travelled with me. I would not have wanted to miss the experience, but next year, I expect to be going north to Canada once more. Far north.

Tuesday, 06/18/02

To Marietta

Wednesday, 06/19/02

Through Deal's Gap

Thursday, 06/20/02

Through Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana

Friday, 06/21/02

To Chicago.

Saturday, 06/22/02


Sunday, 06/23/02

Down Route 66

Monday, 06/24/02

Through Illinois and Missouri

Tuesday, 06/25/02

To Oklahoma

Wednesday, 06/26/02

Through Oklahoma

Thursday, 06/27/02

Through Texas

Friday, 06/28/02

To Santa Fe

Saturday, 06/29/02

New Mexico

Sunday, 06/30/02

Grand Canyon

Monday, 07/01/02

To California

Tuesday, 07/02/02


Wednesday, 07/03/02

To Las Vegas

Thursday, 07/04/02

To south Utah

Friday, 07/05/02

In the ditch.

Saturday, 07/06/02

To Colorado

Sunday, 07/07/02

Through Colorado

Monday, 07/08/02

Through Kansas

Tuesday, 07/09/02

Through the Ozarks

Wednesday, 07/10/02

To Louisiana

Thursday, 07/11/02

To New Orleans

Friday, 07/12/02

To Tallahassee