To Eastern Canada

This are pictures from my July/August 2000 Miata trip from Florida to Eastern Canada. Tthis was a last minute trip, just before the semester started, but it was a good one.

Monday, 07/17/00

To Marietta, GA and R-Speed

Thursday, 07/20/00

Alignment and Deal's Gap

Friday, 07/21/00

Blue Ridge Parkway

Saturday, 07/22/00

Blue Ridge Parkway

Sunday, 07/23/00

Skyline Drive

Monday, 07/24/00


Tuesday, 07/25/00

Delaware Water Gap

Wednesday, 07/26/00

Clark Museum to Franconia Gap

Thursday, 07/27/00

New Hampshire to Quebec

Friday, 07/28/00

Quebec City.

Saturday, 07/29/00

Quebec City.

Sunday, 07/30/00

Following the St. Laurent.

Monday, 07/31/00

Gaspe Peninsula

Tuesday, 08/01/00

To Prince Edwards Island.

Wednesday, 08/02/00

Prince Edward Island.

Thursday, 08/03/00

To Nova Scotia.

Friday, 08/04/00

Nova Scotia.

Saturday, 08/05/00

Cabot Trail.

Sunday, 08/06/00

The N.B. Fundy Coast.

Monday, 08/07/00

Fundy National Park

Tuesday, 08/08/00

To Boston, MA.

Wednesday, 08/09/00

Boston to CT

Thursday, 08/10/00

Eastern Delaware Water Gap.

Friday, 08/11/00

I 81, 83, 95

Saturday, 08/12/00

To Ashville.

Sunday, 08/13/00

Deal's Gap Revisted.

Monday, 08/14/00


Tuesday, 08/15/00

Back Home.